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                         DJI Phantom Quad Copters



I started with the DJI Phantoms 1 year ago on April 14th. 2014. It has been a real enjoyable experience to say the least. These are some short video's of what I am experiencing.   

This is about 20 hrs into flying my Phantom! This lady next to me is my Niece Misty!   These Video's were taken in Farmington, Utah where we both live!. 


This tree should not be producing cotton? The first time in 12 years its done this?



This next clip is when I didn't have time to fly that day .. Ha!



This video was of our court yard! Still learning how all the gadgets work I forgot to set the GPS and it got a little wobbly at the end. Ha, live and learn. Got that handled now!


Ron Sellers is in the "Yellow" Cap!  I'm in the Black Cap . We have shot Trap for over 30 years.  Ron is one of the worlds champions in this field. This Phantom Photo was taken at the "Lions Club" just above Bountiful , Utah. Ron is 77 now and I'm 76 ! Dosen't mean much because we both still shoot! God Bless this Republic we live in!!

OH! And by the way WE both still believe in the 2nd Ammendment!                                                                     

               Juan is our Maintanience man. His first impression was "WOW"


My neighbor Chuck and his dog Gizmo. He's so lovable even the cats like him.

Thats me in the backyard trying to figure things out! Got it mostly handled after this flight {:-))

One of my Early morning flights with a very interested neighbor!


This Phantom FC40 is a year old and is in Flawless condidion! Has a lot more add on's than came with it. Propguards and  extra set of props and Original Camera With Charger. Check out the "pics" above for YouTube Video's!  What a Machine!

                                             Contact me @ 801-455-5586 Al Alder




                                                       More to follow .. Stay tuned                                                                                                                                                       

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