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He started his life in SLC, Utah on November 28, 1938 (Thanks Giving Day) spending most of his young life here and finishing his high school in 1956 at Bountiful High.

His first full time job was with Cudahy Packing which lasted about 4 years until they went out of business. Moving on he went to Colorado and worked as an assisant manager for Chevron oil in Denver Co. Apparox. 3 years later he moved back to Utah and joined the 19th Special Forces. After 8 years and 211 jumps out of perfectly good airplanes he continued his flying career in 1968 at Trans-West Flight School. At the time he was a student pilot which started in 1959. In 11 months he went from student pilot to Flight Instructor. Working 3 jobs to finance his flying.  The day he recieved his Instructors rating he was asked if he would manage the operation. Of course he took the job with 3 airplanes and a part time secratary. One year later he was asked if he would like to buy the Flight School. Of course he said.



From that time on for 31 years he owned and operated the the largest Cessna Pilot Training Center in the state of Utah at the SLC Intl. Airport. Ending up with a Gold Seal Flight Instructor Rating and Certified FAA Pilot Examiner. During those years he expanded the school to 28 aircraft and 35 pilots working for him.


              He ran Apt:2 for 11 yrs. 1975 to 1986 which was his 2nd FBO

                                                                Busy, busy Guy

One of the many Airshows he put on at Apt. 2 His Grand Daughter was his little Co-Pilot. She threw out the roll of toilet paper and he dove down and cut the paper with his Balanca Scout. Is was a show thriller for the big crowd they had (2500+) . There was the B-17 many WW2 vintage aircraft at all the shows. P-51's,(His Favorite) Corsairs, T-6's even had the Red Baron's flying team one year. Fun for all every year!



           This video contains the P-51 He flew at one of his Air Shows at #2 "OLD CROW"

          It was owned by a retired Airline Captain out of Tuson Arizona.


                                                            Click HERE to see "OLD CROW"

His training was second to none! He retired in 2000 with 16,000+ hrs. in the wild blue yonder.
His goal now is to educate as many as posible on the problems the world faces. It's not a pretty picture out there. So make sure you bookmark his website and check back often for the Truth of whats happining in Our World today and useful information on Health, Wealth, Wisdom and Safety.

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