Chemtrails are poisoning our Planet!

Since the 1980's These chemical corporations have been spraying Aluminum,Barium and other chemicals into our atmosphere. This process is killing our agriculture and the pollinators on our planet. It's in the air we breath. The water were drinking and the root systems of our trees  that depend on water for survival !  This has been done on purpose. Monsanto, Bayer, Syngenta makes these chemicals for this purpose!

Watch these short video's so you have a better understanding of what we must do to Stop this Madness.

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Another sinister reason for the Chem-Trails is in the link below!   Operation Blue Beam

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      GeoEngineering! This is a MUST WATCH Presentation! This battle must be won!

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       Chief Justice John Roberts has Signed Off To Have Obama Removed from office for These 25 Charges of Treason.            




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