Operation BlueBeam    



        The urban legend about an alleged Operation Bluebeam has been traced 

        to the writings of Québécois journalist, Serge Monast in the mid-'90s - who 

        died of a heart attack while investigating the story, despite lacking 

        a history of heart disease. (Sounds Familer) Your Government at work!


       The creator of this clip, Nicholson1968 believes that recent leaps in projects

        mapping technology are paving NASA's way of brainwashing the world.


      As for Nicholson1968, he remains concerned that NASA will one day project 

      images into the skies, worldwide, using the local religious figures and imagery

      of the targeted cultures, as part of their trickery.  And guess what their using to do   it


According to Monast, these mimics of the Divine would variously inspire hysteria  and trust, before merging their identities into one "true" deity and that through the projection of an anti-Christ's "false rapture" scenario, NASA would control the masses and "whisk the whole bunch into never-never land" (whatever that means...)

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Real Secrets of the Georgia Guidestones and more! The Elite's Age of the Great Work.                                                                                     Published on Oct 7, 2014 Cube Addition & Destruction..

Taking you from the Cross to the Cube. Please watch from beginning to the end, I promise it will be worth your time! This is one of the most important videos you will ever see from N68 and I hope from anywhere else. I tried to make this for those who are beginners in getting to the truth, but deep enough for those advanced. It will answer and connect alot of dots with the Georgia Guidestones. But, its also about what the Elite are up to and what they are trying to accomplish. I promise that you will see some things in this video that you will not find anywhere on the internet. This is not about views or subs..this is about the truth for humanity. You have my permission to reupload and share, all I ask is that you give a link back to my website..in order for the viewer to ask me questions if need be.
More Bonus material at:  http://www.nicholson1968.com/the-elit...

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                                  Engineered Drought Catastrophe, Target California
                                                         Before the drought
                                                            AND NOW TODAY AS WE SPEAK

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