Steve and Ben Keller's - Custom Wood Design

                                                                      WOLF BRAND



Designed from Mother Nature's Finest - Birch,Mahogany,Maple,Red Wood and Cedar

   This brief video shows what Steve and his son (Ben) can do with a piece of wood.

                                                                 View it here Here

Several weeks ago I developed a severe case of Computer Elbo. I was in Pain from my Shoulder, Elbow and Wrist from not having any support for my arm when using the mouse! Knowing I needed some help here I went to the Home Depot and purchased a sheet of wood 3/4 inches thick to build something to support my arm. Not having the necessary tools I called Steve and told him what I needed. Took the wood to him and  he said "What do you want me to do with that Junk"!  The rest is history. In a week I had the most beautiful support piece made out of Red Birch ever custom made. I had a chance to look at all the woodworking this man has done! Mabey someone could match it, But no one can beat the quality of his work!  Pic's below.



             Steve and Ben have now made these pieces of beautiful wood art for sale. 

             They also do custom design work.  Pictures of their work shown below


                   This is Steves Front yard                                       Little Puppies below the Eagle


          This lamp has a blue moon in the                        Steve donated this Master piece

        post that lites up when the lamp is                      with a mirror finish and hand                                                                                                          painted Eagle for their Political                                                                                                    event.       

        on and a fire pit at the bottom that                       After all was over they turned

        glows like a fire ..  Now Beat That!                           around sold it for $3,500.00 !??




Office furniture being built for an executive               Bird house with all the trimmings



          Beautiful Items for sale are being catagorized and will be on this site soon.

             You can contact either Steve or Ben @ 801-673-5849 or 801-913-7557


This page is dedicated to Steve and Ben for their continued support of Mother Nature                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      



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