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ARdella J   Boston Ma
09-24-2018 8:43:21 PM MST
Luv U'r site. God Bless this planet and you!

Ben Davis   Seattle WA
10-31-2015 11:59:59 AM MST

Like your site. This is my 3rd visit. Still haven't covered it all. Keep up the good work.

Robert S.   Kingmon, AZ
06-30-2015 6:13:05 PM MST

Nice job done on your site here. Like the history on the "Founder" My favorite was the Corsair and the Spitfire. Got to get them Brits in the picture! This guy was surely lucky!

Phillip G.   US of A
05-10-2015 10:10:25 PM MST
What a great site you have here. Thanks for your insight. Keep up the good work!

Bryan Fuller
05-02-2015 7:39:37 AM MST
Nice site! Enjoyed everything so far. You could spend all day here and not cover it all! Thanks for all the good information.

Sean   Oregon
04-26-2015 8:17:59 PM MST
A friend sent me this link on the Blue Beam. Just like the frog. Put him in warm water then turn up the heat and you will boil him alive! We've had our problems up here in Eugene, but folks are waking up. Great site. Thanks for your help on these pressing issues! Sean

Jason   USA
04-24-2015 7:35:11 PM MST
You have one fine website my friend!! Keep it out there for those who need help. Like the colors!

Bruce F.   LinkedIn
04-20-2015 9:04:59 AM MST
Very interesting site. Keep up the good work.

Cindy Maxwell   Facebook
04-15-2015 8:07:03 PM MST

I like you're page on Mr. Donahue. I am very spiritual, not religious. You have a great site. Like you're Founders page also. Keep up the great work.

Max Brighton   Biology
04-11-2015 7:55:20 PM MST
There is no presents more valuable than Mother Nature. The 1% is destroying this magnificent being. She won't put up with this kind of behavior! The Pacific Ocean has been poisoned. The fish are dying including the Whales, porpoise's and the Tuna. This Won't last. We won't last. We as a Specie will Not survive this. Get involved in the cleaning up of our Mother Earth! Bless us all.

Jerry B   Military
04-08-2015 9:51:29 PM MST

Lots of interesting pages on this website. Like your Political Correctness page. Mr.Truman was before my time. Like to read about History. To bad its not being taught in schools now.

Mike J
04-05-2015 10:11:08 PM MST

Not to many Sheeple know about the Zodiac and the Age of Aquarius. This site is appropriately named. Thanks for all the good information. Luke 22:10 and Luke 17:21 will spell it out for most who can read! A lot of what you read in the Bible comes in Parables. Most don't understand that because of their religions which were designed and written by ancient Greeks to keep them All in the dark to control them. Watch Mother Nature and you will find all your answers. She's the Boss!

Larry H
04-04-2015 11:42:53 AM MST
The "Easter" page was really interesting! I wonder how many more falsehoods we have from the distant past.

Grace M
04-03-2015 8:38:07 PM MST

great website. love the options you have here. Hope you get more readership. We need more of this stuff... I live in Arizona where its Hot and dry. Thanks

Neil G.   Idaho
04-02-2015 9:24:44 PM MST
What a website. Didn't expect so much diversity. They ought to be teaching this stuff in our schools. I'll be back with a few friends and family. thanks

Bryan Hutchensen   lets say NASA
03-30-2015 9:18:21 PM MST
You have a very good website. I might remind all that this entire universe is made up of electro magnetic fields. Thats it. There is a magnificent designer behind all of this. Call him what you want! I like your page with Mr.Donahue. Nature is our most potent ally. Don't let these evil people keep messing with it! Bless this planet. Its all we have! "Follow the man with the picture of water into the house and go upstairs"

Max Jensen   LA
03-28-2015 9:18:10 PM MST
Haven't got to all of your site yet, but I am very impressed. There's not much missing here. I will be back. Letting my friends know about this site. Keep up the good work.

03-28-2015 9:43:37 AM MST
Amazing website! Anyone can now know what has been happening, now happening and what is going to happen in this ever troubled and changing world of ours and what they can do about it! This is our World and History in a new perspective. I'm going to send your link to everyone I know. Great Job!

Jason R.   New Zealand
03-25-2015 1:13:32 PM MST

Nice website mate. Your spot on with the chem trails.See em everyday down here.

Brenda Hill
03-23-2015 8:24:13 PM MST
You really have a nice Site here. I think this world is going to Hell in a hand basket. Not to many people seem to care or don't have the knowledge to make an informed decision? Keep up the good work here.

Jessy Lange   Twitter
03-21-2015 9:02:28 PM MST
WOW, had no idea some of these creatures lived here. Thanks for all the exciting info you have here. I'm in Reno, Nev.

Admin   caged
03-21-2015 8:10:39 AM MST
Hi Barbara. We are all aging! Today is the youngest you'll ever be. Thanks for remembering.

Barbara Roth   Twitter
03-20-2015 8:18:43 PM MST
Hey glad to have you back! Long time no see. Remember you on Twitter in 2007. You must be aging by now {:-) Glad your still kicken. Keep up the good work. Like you site.

Derick Haynes
03-20-2015 11:17:47 AM MST
Nice website. Like the news page and the guns and ammo. I'll be back. Thanks

Pat Hersher   Fresno Ca
03-17-2015 10:14:21 PM MST

We don't have much water left here in our state. I think things are gonna happen soon. Thanks for the news and all the info here on your site.

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